A chip and a chair

A chip and a chair

Most people have heard about the saying in poker, all you need is a chip and a chair in poker, and in fact this can be true.

Today I was playing a $ 3.5 dollar sit no go, and I was in the bubble. I had 10 9 off, and I pushed in small blind, big blind called and he won, and had just $ 29 chips left, from a total of $3000 so less than 1 %.

At the end I managed to climb up and finished in second place, at some point I was chip leader too !!!! but happy with result. (check tournament ID on top)



when I was chip leader





my best play was few hands after I doubled up several times and I was in small blind, dealer went all in, and I went all in too

Reason behind it, big blind was not going to call to risk against the other big stack, since he was waiting for me to bust, so I wanted to have a chance against 1 opponent, since this way I will get the big blind chips too. I was lucky but won hand below and moved to for second place (although I was hoping to win it 🙂   )  I lost the tournament when I was short stack around 1000 chips and pushed from the button with A3 suited



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