How Pros make money ?

How the pros make money ? of course they know what they are doing, they know the game, but the number one main reason in my opinion is the following ?

In poker there are the good players “sharks” and the recreational players “fish” and there is the house “the poker rooms”.  The pros are the players

eat the poker fish

poker shark eats the fish

that are there and they stay.  The poker rooms are there and most of the time they stay too. In fact the poker rooms are the party the make most money with less risk since they are taking the rake for providing the software and the players.

So the pros make mainly money by selecting to play against weaker players. Imagine in football, the best team to win, selects the weaker teams to play against ! wouldn’t that be cool if you are able to selection whom to play against ?

Of course it is and one of the best advices from poker pros is table selection both on live and online. In online it is easier with a couple of software that tells you each player on the table how much they won/lost and return on investment.

On the other hand the online poker rooms keep inviting new players and existing player by giving them bonuses, so the can deposit and re-deposit in the accounts and play.


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