How to become a Poker Pro ?

I am sure many people have asked the question before and I am not sure anyone has the exact answer ! Becoming a poker pro means that you make a living playing poker, it could be online or it could be live. But how to make a full time living out of poker ? and be like one of the guys below



If you think about it as a profession, each profession you need to do a certain amount of college/study year before becoming a professional. ┬áIf you want to become a doctor, you will not perform surgery/give medicine imediately. If you are software developer you will not start coding the first day. but if you are a “poker player” you can start playing anytime, but for sure you will end up to lose if you do not know what are you doing. You can get a lucky streak but at the end you will lose.

This blog is a journey to answer the question What do you need to do to become a poker pro ? Can everyone do it ? Can you study and become a poker pro, or you need certain type of skills, and what is the skill set you need ?

Maybe some poker pro has an advice ? During this blog, I will post my poker experiences and learn to become a poker pro.





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