Most import advice in poker !!!

“Let you bankroll dictate the limits you play not your ego “


One main reason new poker players fail in there journey to become a pro, is that they play games that are above there limits and that they do not have a bankroll for it (happened to me couple of times 🙁   ).

So what is a Bankroll Management (BRM ).

Basically bankroll management is you need to go up and down the game limits depending on the money reserved for poker. A typical Bankroll figure is usually 30-50 times your buy in, so for example if you play $3 Sit n gos you need to have a bankroll of at least $90 – $150 .

The reason for this is because of variance  and losing streaks, so if you have a series of losing streaks (which happens a lot) you will not go bust.

I am a football fan too, and if you think about it it makes really sense. When a football team starts playing, the team starts at the bottom level and if the team wins gets promotion to the upper division, if the team goes bad and loses, gets relagated.  Also if a bottom league team plays against a top team, lets say Barcellona against Granada, almost Granada has no chance to win.

Same in poker, if you play in the limits, you are not good at you will get bust.

Advise : Play with in your bankroll and go up and down depending on your performance

Bankroll guidelines

For Cash Games


For Sit n Gos





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