November Challenge

Starting this november, I will start a new poker challenge, to see if it is possible to make a living out of poker, of course I will do it part time.  The aim is to get a good ROI, what is a good ROI then ?

I searched online and found this following from with reference to SNG

Level ROI
less than $6 20%
$6 / $11 15%
$22 10%
$33 7%
$55 5%
$109 4%
$215 3%

more info

Mainly I am playing 888 at the moment, are there is a guy arbuz77 who has amazing stats in SNG and his ROI is quite low a bit less than 5% but have made a decent profit this year. around 17k, which is not phenominal but makes him a poker pro.

Aim is for 1 month make only $5 Super Turbo SNGs make a number a day, and keep a constant ROI.

Not to do

  • not to play higher limits
  • avoid MTTs
  • Not to tilt
  • not to play when consumed any alcohol
  • not to play when bored
  • not to browse internet chat etc while playing.

What to DO

  • Focus on the game
  • Profile players – the regulars, the loose , the tight especially near the bubble




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