Poker is skill, luck , both ? and what percentages ?

Let me give my personal view, Poker is mainly skill with a variance of luck, to round it up, I would give 75 % of skill 25 % of “luck”  (maybe I will change my mind in the future about this ).  To be honest I would not call it luck, but mathematical probabilities or chance since cards against cards its a matter of percentages.

ex AKo vs 72o, AK has 64 % of winning and 72 has 36% of winningAK_72

Why Skill ?

Let say for example , we want to lose a poker game. I start playing a sit n go, and I fold each good hand and raise with bad hands and on the river I always fold. At the end what would be the result ? I will for sure lose.

On the other had If i play, good hand selection, good position, good bet sizing with the right aggression. I might win. I will not win 100% of the time , but you will have a good chance to win. You will not win 100% of the time cause there is the luck variance.

Why Luck ?

I think there is not 100% luck but chance and probabilities in poker. Sometime but when you lose a couple of hands in a row when you have better hands, you feel unlucky.  And also the bad beats you remember more than the suck outs, because they hurt more





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