How to win money in the middle

Is poker about having the best hand ? No

you can still have best hand and lose, poker is more about how to win the money in the middle, how to make your opponent think that you have a better hand than him, and make him fold.

Aggressive poker is a way to win money in the middle.

The 3 main types of poker bets are

  • Value bet
  • Bluff
  • Semi-Bluff

Calling and checking can still make you win money but its not a good proactive way to win money.

The further you go up in poker the more aggressive the game gets.

At the lower levels there is a lot of checking and calling, and almost never 3 bet or 4 betting.

The more up you go the stakes, the move 3 bets, 4 bets shoving and aggressive players you find


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